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Departmental Media Release

Independent PAC to decide on recycling facility proposal at Camellia

  • Date: 20.06.2016
  • Type: Departmental Media Release
  • Author: Department of Planning and Environment

The independent Planning Assessment Commission will make the final decision on an application to construct a recycling facility at Camellia near the Parramatta River.


The Department of Planning and Environment has recommended approval for a proposal to demolish existing structures at Veolia Environmental Services’ Grand Avenue site and construct the Camellia Resource Recovery Facility.


Veolia’s facility would accept up to 200,000 tonnes of waste materials every year for recycling.


Paper, cardboard, wood, hard plastics and metals would be processed between 6am and 1pm Mondays to Sundays. Delivery and dispatch at the site would occur 24 hours a day seven days a week.


Western Sydney employment would be generated including 40 ongoing jobs and 60 jobs during construction.


Key issues raised during consultation include traffic impacts on James Ruse Drive and Grand Avenue, potential flooding, potential dust, odour and noise impacts.


These issues have been addressed in the Department’s assessment by recommending strict conditions in response, including:

financial contributions to council for road and intersection upgrades

restrictions on parking on the public road network

strict application of air-quality management plan during construction to minimise any potential dust impacts

an odour audit conducted within six months of the facility’s operation

strict noise limits during construction and demolition phase

strict operational noise limits and a requirement to construct a fence on the northern side of the site to shield recycling facility machinery and truck movements

a detailed flood emergency response plan for the facility with approval from the Department


“Consultation with the community is enshrined into the process for assessing applications like these,” a spokesperson from the Department said.


“The Planning Assessment Commission is an important part of the NSW planning system ensuring major developments are subject to expert, independent review and assessment.


“The Commission will now consider the Department’s report and recommended conditions as well as community submissions to make a final decision.”


The Department publicly exhibited the application between March and April 2013.


Four submissions were received from public authorities, including an objection from Parramatta City Council. One objection from the public was also received.


Due to a declared reportable political donation from the applicant and an objection received by Parramatta City Council, the Commission will determine the proposal.

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