NSW Department of Planning and Environment

WestConnex new M5 approved

  • Date: 21.04.2016
  • Type: Ministerial Media Release
  • Author: The Hon. Rob Stokes MP, Minister for Planning

Planning Minister Rob Stokes today announced the approval of the WestConnex New M5 project, which will relieve congestion and improve travel times for motorists.


In direct response to issues raised by the community, a series of conditions have been set to provide new open public space; new cycling and pedestrian infrastructure; and strict environmental protections including:

  • provision of new open space south of Sydney Park and a new land bridge to connect the two green areas
  • new and upgraded cycling and pedestrian pathways connecting existing open spaces of Sydney Park, Simpson Park, Camdenville Park and St Peters interchange
  • strict air quality limits for the tunnel and ventilation facilities
  • establishing an Air Quality Community Consultative Committee with members of the community and local councils to help decide locations of monitoring stations
  • protections for Green and Golden Bell Frogs
  • a biodiversity offset strategy for the Cooks River Castlereagh Ironbark Forest.


In addition to a reduction in congestion and an improvement in travel times, modelling has also shown the project will improve traffic safety and result in a reduction in car accidents.


The project’s strict conditions of approval require there to be a net increase in trees as a result of works. A detailed assessment report of trees affected by the construction must be prepared by RMS.


Ongoing reporting must also be carried out to ensure compliance standards are being met. Details can be found at the WestConnex website.


The independent NSW Government Architect will chair the Urban Design Review Panel, ensuring the neighbourhood is improved with upgrades to local public places that focus on community recreation.


For more information, please visit the WestConnex page.

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