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NSW Department of Planning and Environment
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BASIX energy targets to change

  • Date: 31.03.2017
  • Type: Departmental Media Release
  • Author: Department of Planning and Environment

The NSW Government has announced that the BASIX energy targets will be increased across the State in July 2017. This move is in line with the Government’s aim to be a national leader in energy efficiency and in tackling climate change.

Existing homes in NSW use around 17% of the total state’s energy consumption and we expect around 1.8 million new homes to be built across NSW over the next 40 years. 

The NSW Government’s A Draft Plan to Save NSW Energy and Money recognises that residential energy efficiency is one of the easiest ways to save energy and save money through lower utility bills. 

The increased BASIX targets will help to save over half a billion dollars over the next 50 years through more efficient household energy consumption. 

These changes were announced in A Draft Plan to Save NSW Energy and Money, which was released by the Minister for the Environment in October 2016.

Improving thermal efficiency reduces energy use to heat or cool a home to a comfortable level. Accordingly, the stringency of the thermal comfort settings in BASIX will also change, in line with the proposal set out in the 2013-14 BASIX Target Review. 

You can view the updated BASIX energy target zones map 

You can also view the updated thermal comfort heating and cooling caps

Improvements in technology and design allow these changes to be achieved at little or no additional cost and ensure NSW remains a leading jurisdiction in delivering energy efficient housing.

The Government is considering what further changes should be made to BASIX and what other energy efficiency measures should be adopted. The Minister for the Environment is seeking feedback on A Draft Plan to Save NSW Energy and Money. In relation to BASIX, the Plan asks:

how to improve BASIX through future reviews of the targets;

whether we should pursue target increases in specific local government or high growth areas; and

How we might provide clearer information on BASIX certificates to help consumers understand the benefits of energy efficient homes with better design. 

To have a say on A Draft Plan to Save NSW Energy and Money, visit this website

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