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NSW Department of Planning and Environment
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Sydney is a global city that continues to grow and mature. Current forecasts suggest more than 1.7 million additional people will be living in Sydney by 2036, requiring more than 725,000 new homes.

Contrary to popular belief, the population increase isn’t predominantly due to overseas migration. People are living longer, more babies are being born and many people are moving to NSW from interstate.

And it’s the government’s job to plan for this growth in a coordinated manner, rather than an ad-hoc fashion.  

That’s why we launched the Priority Precinct program in 2014, with a focus on identifying locations across greater Sydney with good access to existing or planned public transport connections, suitable for rejuvenation with new homes and jobs.

The Department worked with local councils from the start of the program to identify suitable areas.

These areas have now evolved into Planned Precincts and are in the next stage of the development process, with a focus on providing priority infrastructure, including schools, parks, green space, transport, hospitals and road upgrades. 

Along the way, we’ve been listening and taking on board community feedback. Over the past four months we’ve talked to thousands of people at dozens of events, who’ve told us what they want in their suburbs – local character, local jobs, schools, parks, design excellence and increased tree canopy.

The next phase of the Planned Precinct process is collaborative. It’s about working with local councils, communities and Members of Parliament to plan for high-quality suburbs with excellent access to world-class public transport and services.

We’ve planned to include range of housing choices to cater for different life stages and different needs of families. Medium-density housing, including terraces, will be a key feature of all plans.

These plans will be supported by a detailed schedule for infrastructure delivery, to ensure development makes a fair contribution to community, and that Sydney continues to be a great place to call home.

For more information visit Planned Precincts and Growth Areas.