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The local community will benefit from changes to the Liverpool Local Environmental Plan (LEP), which will improve the city’s public infrastructure.

The Department of Planning and Environment’s amendments allow for increases in building height and floor space in the Shepherd Street Precinct along the foreshore of the Georges River.

Executive Director of Regions, Steve Murray, said the changes to the LEP are supported by upgrades to public spaces including improvements to parks, pedestrian and cycle paths, easier access to the river foreshore with boardwalks and footpaths, and better access to transport.

“These changes mean the DAs for a new riverside development, with homes close to Liverpool railway station, can proceed to the next step of being assessed by the council,” Mr Murray said.

“The proposal - which would transform the old industrial site - also includes the preservation of the heritage Paper Mill building. It will be adapted to help activate the area with retail shops and a neighbourhood precinct.”

If the proposal is approved, the developer and the council will enter into a Planning Agreement (PA), which will result in major upgrades to public infrastructure in the local area.

“This is a really positive outcome for the people who live in the Liverpool area. The benefits that flow on from the PA will help support a strong, connected community,” Mr Murray said.

“The plan is for up to 1,200 homes near the Liverpool CBD, and being close to Liverpool railway station, it will allow people to have easy access to jobs and services.

“If the proposal goes ahead, the PA will provide funding for regional transport infrastructure, improving traffic flow and connections, as well as pedestrian and cycle paths.

“There will be 16,000 square metres of public space with upgrades to Mill Park and Light Horse Park, and rehabilitation of the riverbank areas with bush regeneration.”

Liverpool Council requested the Department amend its LEP to increase floor space ratios and building heights from 24m to 77m. The planning proposal was exhibited by council from October to November 2016.

The Department has amended the Liverpool LEP, and the council can now assess DAs for the site. The DA process involves community consultation, and assessments will consider all feedback before a decision is made.

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