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More inspections and investigations from Department of Planning and Environment compliance officers led to over $1 million in fines being issued last financial year. 

The Department’s Executive Director of Resource Assessments and Compliance Dr Oliver Holm said the compliance team is working harder than ever to protect the environment and local communities across NSW.

"We conducted a record number of inspections, investigations and issued a number of penalties to operators and developers."

The Department issued $1,049,000 in penalties last financial year and led two prosecutions.

Charbon Coal was found guilty of failing to comply with their project approval near Kandos and fined $175,000, while AGL was hit with a $124,000 fine after a court ruled they had failed to disclose political donations in 11 of its planning applications.

Dr Holm praised the community for speaking up when they spotted activity in their local area that appeared suspicious or wrong.

"Our compliance officers undertook 907 inspections and completed 298 investigations, some of these were initiated by community tip-offs," he said. 

"Through our compliance work we are building community confidence in the planning system and protecting the environment."

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