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The Bella Vista and Kellyville Station Precincts have recently been rezoned, delivering two new master planned communities in Sydney's northwest.


These thoughtfully designed precincts are right on the doorstep of new, world class public transport, with improved open space, new town squares, schools, pedestrian and cycling connections, and local jobs. It is anticipated Showground Station Precinct will also be rezoned before the end of 2017. 

Bella Vista and Kellyville are two of eight station precincts along the Sydney Metro Northwest corridor. Sydney Metro is Australia’s largest public transport project, which is transforming Sydney’s future, providing new transport connections and economic benefits for this growing region.

The rezoning of Bella Vista and Kellyville Station Precincts will bring 10,400 new jobs to the area and provide up to 8,400 new homes including terraces and apartments over the next 20 years. 

The Department made many changes to the draft rezoning proposals for Bella Vista and Kellyville based on community feedback including: 

  • Land to the east of Elizabeth Macarthur Creek, proposed to be rezoned for high density residential and public open space, now includes medium density homes such as townhouses
  • A new provision has been introduced that ensures no more than 8,400 new dwellings can be delivered on the Government owned lands in the Bella Vista and Kellyville Station Precincts
  • An improved design excellence clause in The Hills Local Environment Plan to ensure all new buildings meet a high standard of architecture and urban design.
  • Other changes include a minimum requirement for how far buildings need to be set back from roads and allowing temporary land uses, for example pop up shops, while the precinct is developing.
The Department is providing Precinct Support Scheme funding of $10 million to assist The Hills Shire Council with local public area and community infrastructure work across the Bella Vista and Kellyville Precincts.

The area will be further supported by $25 million in funding available for land toward a new health facility at Rouse Hill and $50 million toward an upgrade for Memorial Avenue, spanning the two precincts. 

The Department is now working with The Hills Shire Council, Landcom and Transport for NSW to finalise development control plans and infrastructure plans for the precinct and identify local infrastructure suitable for the $10 million Precinct Support Scheme funding.

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