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Dear Editor,

Your article ‘Multiplex all smiles’ contained a number of inaccuracies regarding the change to planning controls for Luna Park that were made last week. 

Importantly, as a result of community feedback, Lavender Green was removed from the policy.

The changes were made in response to the decision by the Land and Environment Court earlier this year. The court decision clarified Luna Park could not operate as it had, and after careful consideration the Department responded by implementing a clearer and simpler planning framework, while still maintaining strict requirements, to allow Luna Park to continue to operate as it has since 2004. 

The public consultation was thorough and comprehensive with more than 1400 submissions received from residents and the community, nearly 90% of which supported the proposal. 

The Minister also sought advice from the independent Planning Commission. This advice was considered in the final decision alongside the feedback received and with regards to residents and patrons.

Luna Park is an icon of Sydney and the changes were made to ensure it can continue operating as it has done, with the same strict conditions around noise, light and heritage.

Kind regards,

Alison Frame

Deputy Secretary, Policy and Strategy

Department of Planning and Environment