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For the past 66 years Office of Strategic Lands (OSL) has been acquiring land for the benefit of Greater Sydney. Now OSL has released its Strategic Business Plan 2017–2027, setting out its role and direction for the next 10 years, expanding its role beyond the Sydney Metropolitan area to regions across NSW.


OSL plays a vital role in providing land for parks and open space, major transport corridors, coastal headlands and even land for universities.


The key goals for this new period are delivering the green grid, supporting the delivery of strategic infrastructure and enabling the Government's strategic planning priorities.

Work program for OSL

Over the period 2017–18, OSL will:

  • acquire land in the Sydney Region for regional open space, strategic infrastructure and other strategic priorities 
  • sell land that is no longer required for the original planned purpose: the proceeds from these sales will be reinvested to enable acquisition of additional open space for the benefit of the community
  • work with councils in the Sydney Region to transfer open space land to them to manage for their communities
  • continue to manage land already acquired for future public purpose
  • contribute funding to support the management of government heritage properties 
  • implement and improve programs for conserving environmental and conservation values on the Planning Minister’s land.

For more information about the work of OSL and to read the Strategic Business Plan go to the Office of Strategic Lands page.