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The Vineyard precinct (Stage 1) was finalised and rezoned in December 2017.


We are working to create an attractive and well-connected community, where people can live and work with good access to public transport, community facilities, open spaces, shops and cafes.

The precinct will include a proposed primary school, around 27 hectares of open space, a village centre and 2,300 new homes.

We are continuing to set a maximum limit to the number of homes that can be built in the precinct to ensure the needs of the future residents are well balanced with the infrastructure and services planned and provided.

The Vineyard community will benefit from a central green corridor along the Killarney Chain of Ponds providing recreational uses and extensive views to the Blue Mountains. The suburb also offers great connection to nearby rural land. We will work with the Government agencies and Hawkesbury City Council on the delivery of key infrastructure such as roads, water, sewerage and drainage, to ensure developable land is available in time to support the growing community.

The Hawkesbury City Council Growth Centre Precincts Development Control Plan (Hawkesbury City Growth Centres DCP) provides more detailed design controls for development in the precinct. The standards and requirements for development will come into effect in coming weeks when advertisements are published in local newspapers. This document will soon be available at Hawkesbury City Council or online at

The new planning controls for land in Stage 1 will be in Appendix 13 of State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006. Documents and the associated maps are now available at

Next steps

We are working with infrastructure providers including Sydney Water and Endeavour Energy to coordinate the planning and delivery of essential infrastructure to meet demand for new housing in the precinct. Slabs for new homes will be laid from around 12 months after rezoning.


Part of the Stage 1 area presently has access to water, sewer and electricity services which will service 500 dwellings. The delivery of an electricity substation in approximately five years will supplement the remaining dwellings in the Stage 1 area.

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