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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Families and kids visiting the Easter Show can take a break from the hectic crowds to experience what it’s like to use an inclusive playspace with the aid of virtual reality goggles at the NSW Department of Planning stand.


Wearing the special goggles, kids, mums and dads can take a virtual walk through the Yamble Reserve in Ryde making them feel as though they’re standing among the trees and play equipment in the park.


Commissioner of Open Space and Parklands Fiona Morrison said while the video is virtual reality, this fantastic reserve and the need for more inclusive playspaces is very real.



“Playspaces these days are vital community hubs – they’re not just for kids, they’re for parents, older people, people living with a disability and their carers, they need to be inclusive and accessible for all.


“That’s why the Government is backing more inclusive playspaces for people throughout the state with $20 million over five years for local councils to undertake upgrades or create new playspaces.


“We just announced the first batch of funding - $4 million for 30 councils across NSW to deliver 34 projects – with a new guideline and website to help Councils plan, create and deliver inclusive playspaces.


There are more than 6,000 play spaces in NSW managed by local government.


“Communities around the state are telling us these playspaces are helping to create the kind of open spaces they want and need – places that are accessible to all, places that help keep them connected.


“There’s nothing like the real thing but this fantastic VR experience gives people a great sense of what these exciting new inclusive playspaces look and feel like.


“Playspaces which are inclusive encourage sensory and nature play, offer equipment suitable for children of all abilities, comfortable seating and walking paths that allow easy access.


“Everyone Can Play gives everyone - no matter how young or old, no matter their ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds - fair and equal access to play,” she said.


For background and more information visit our Open Space and Parklands page.


Video elements can be downloaded from this Dropbox link.