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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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The NSW Government’s fast-tracked planning program is leading the State’s post-pandemic recovery by creating 50,000 jobs and injecting $25 billion into the NSW economy over the last six months alone.


The Planning System Acceleration Program has already determined 90 major projects and planning proposals since April and in the next four weeks another 11 will be determined as part of the sixth tranche.


If approved, these could result in another $527 million worth of investment and the potential to create more than 1,400 jobs.


Minister for Planning and Public Spaces Rob Stokes said the planning system had been a key economic lever in the NSW Government’s immediate response to the pandemic, driving the state and the rest of the country to a strong economic recovery by accelerating a pipeline of projects.


“COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on our lives and the economy and getting shovel-ready projects out the door to help NSW rebound from this crisis has been a critical priority,” Mr Stokes said.


“Our short-term drive to create a steady supply of jobs and investment has been a great success, with work already starting on construction sites across the State.


“Our focus now turns to a medium-term response, which will speed up and add greater certainty for more complex projects with longer timeframes of between six months and two years.


“With our nation in a recession, boosting the economy and creating jobs is more important than ever.”


The projects selected for accelerated assessment in tranche six include:

  • Upgrade of the Fort Street Primary School
  • Rezoning in St Mary’s for 500 new homes that will have an economic benefit of $126 million and create 250 jobs
  • Rezoning in Appin for low density housing and environmental management of a biodiversity corridor, including 39 hectares protected for conservation
  • Construction of 18-storey mixed-use student accommodation near the University of Sydney for 488 students, contributing $62 million and creating 245 jobs
  • New Oran Park Town Centre in Camden, including dedicated public space, contributing $30 million and creating 60 jobs.


“If approved, these 11 projects will mean that we’ve fast-tracked determinations of more than 100 projects since the accelerated program began in April,” Mr Stokes said.


The NSW Government is also driving major reforms to streamline the planning system to make it more efficient and to amplify the success of the acceleration work. Decisions will be made on tranche six projects by 9 October. For more information visit the fast-tracked assessments webpage.