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NSW Department of Planning and Environment
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The Department of Planning and Environment is seeking to ensure coastal communities become more resilient under updated guidelines released today for public feedback.

Executive Director of State Policy and Strategic Advice Felicity Greenway said the draft 2022 NSW Coastal Design Guidelines will assist planning and decision-making to protect the coastline and ensure better-designed homes and places.

“Our beaches, coastal lakes and coastal rivers play an essential role in our lives, and we want everyone to have a say on their future use,” Ms Greenway said.

“Councils, landowners, designers, architects, landscapers and developers, will be able to use the guidelines as a blueprint to safeguard the unique qualities of the natural and built environment around the coast.

“These rules will ensure projects are designed and delivered properly so generations can play on, live near and relax by our beaches and waterways, just as we do.”

The guidelines provide clearer advice so coastal matters are more effectively integrated into the design, planning, and assessment processes.

Ms Greenway said the guidelines outline key elements to be considered at the earliest stages in the planning process.

“The guidelines must be taken into account when preparing planning proposals, which set the planning rules for a particular site,” she said.

“This means coastal management issues are front and centre from the beginning, to create resilient communities and better protect them from hazards, such as flooding and coastal erosion.

“It’s all about supporting sustainable development, addressing climate change threats, enhancing coastal industries and tourism activities, as well as preserving and respecting known and newly revealed Aboriginal sites.”

For more information and to have your say on the draft guidelines by 9 September 2022, visit Coastal Design Guidelines.