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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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The Metropolitan Greenspace Program is an annual grants scheme which provides funding for the planning and improvement of regional open space in Sydney and the Central Coast.


The program aligns with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s Greater Sydney Region Plan A Metropolis of Three Cities, and the Green Grid strategy, helping to create a network of high-quality green space that connects town centres, public transport hubs, and major residential areas.


Funding for the program comes from the Sydney Region Development Fund, which is administered by the Office of Strategic Lands.


New grants announced

A round of Metropolitan Greenspace Program grants has been offered for 2018/2019.


Eligible councils have been offered a share of $4 million to prepare a detailed master plan for each of the Priority Green Grid Corridors identified in the Greater Sydney District Plans. Each grant will provide the council $200,000 to assist in the progression of these initiatives.


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Page last updated: 01/11/2019