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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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A Special Infrastructure Contribution (SIC) is proposed to help fund ongoing infrastructure needs across the Hunter Region including roads, schools, health and emergency services.


There are three service catchment areas across the Hunter Region; Lower Hunter, Upper Hunter and the Mid-Coast. Service catchments would have different contribution rates to reflect the varying levels of new infrastructure and development across the region.


The SIC would apply to new land release residential and industrial development, to ensure that developers contribute to the cost of delivering infrastructure to support new homes and jobs in the Hunter.


The draft SIC rates for residential and industrial development, as proposed in the exhibition documents, were the result of extensive stakeholder engagement with Hunter councils, industry and State agencies undertaken throughout 2018 and 2019. The proposals are being reviewed as a result of the ongoing consultation.


Consultation and feedback

The draft Hunter Region SIC determination, direction and order was exhibited in January 2019. The draft Hunter Region SIC proposed approach was exhibited from December 2017 to February 2018 and has been superseded by this draft Hunter Region SIC determination, direction and order.


The draft determination provides information which:

  • sets the proposed contribution rates.
  • identifies the infrastructure the SIC is proposed to fund.
  • outlines the development to which the SIC would apply.
  • outlines how the SIC would be made.


This draft determination is supported by a:


This public exhibition of the draft determination and its supporting documents closed February 2019. We would like to thank the community for viewing the draft determination and making a submission. The document is being reviewed in response to these submissions.


All online submissions can be viewed on our Planning Portal website.


More information

All technical documents related to the proposed Hunter Region SIC are available on our Planning Portal website.


To find out more about Hunter Region SIC, you can also:


2016-2017 Consultation and engagement

There has been a range of consultation and engagement activities undertaken to inform the development of the draft determination for the Hunter Region SIC.


They include:

  • the release of a discussion paper in October 2016 on the SIC alongside the Hunter Regional Plan 2036 seeking feedback from written submissions.
  • consultation sessions on the discussion paper, throughout November and December 2016.
  • analysis of workshop feedback and 16 written submissions from Hunter Region and Central Coast councils, peak bodies for the development industry and local community groups.
  • a series of follow-up workshops with development industry representatives such as UDIA, PCA, HIA and local councils on Hunter Region SIC policy directions in March 2017.
  • a data collection campaign with government agencies, local councils and industry to support evidence-based policy setting and contribution charges throughout April and October 2017.
  • the release of a proposed approach paper on the SIC in December 2017, seeking feedback from written submissions.
  • briefing sessions on the proposed approach with Hunter Region councils, committee members of peak industry bodies, including the UDIA, PCA, and PIA and peak industry body members.
  • analysis of 25 written submissions on the proposed approach to inform the drafting of the determination.


2011 Draft Lower Hunter SIC

In 2011 a draft SIC for the Lower Hunter region was exhibited by the Department. This draft SIC has been has used to inform the current draft Hunter SIC which has been expanded to include this region.


More information can be found on this SIC below:

Further information on growth planned for this area can be found in the Lower Hunter Regional Strategy.

Page last updated: 30/04/2021