NSW Department of Planning and Environment

A Special Infrastructure Contribution (SIC) is proposed to help fund new and upgraded infrastructure required to support the delivery of Wilton Growth Area in 2040.

The proposed SIC provides for developer contributions of $771 million towards the cost of delivering required infrastructure to support the growing community of Wilton, including:

  • Roads, intersections, bridges and cycleway improvements – $655 million
  • Biodiversity conservation and regional open space – $65 million
  • Education – $31.2 million
  • Bus infrastructure – $5 million
  • Health facilities – $750,000
  • Emergency services – $625,000
  • Planning and delivery – $14 million.

Consultation and feedback

The proposed Wilton SIC was on exhibition until 9 November 2018. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

Submissions are now under consideration.

Infrastructure Contributions Reform

The infrastructure contributions system is being reformed under the recommendations of the Productivity Commission. This includes the proposed introduction of a broad-based regional approach towards State infrastructure contributions for the Greater Sydney, Illawarra Shoalhaven, Central Coast and Hunter regions to be implemented mid-2022. 

As part of the proposed reform recommendations there will be consideration of transitional and savings arrangements for the existing state contributions framework which may impact on the draft Wilton SIC.

To learn more about the reforms and system improvements, please visit our Improving the infrastructure contributions system webpage.

More information

All technical documents related to the proposed Wilton SIC are available on our Planning Portal website.

To find out more about the draft Wilton SIC, you can:

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