NSW Department of Planning and Environment

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Leumeah will be the gateway to the Campbelltown-Macarthur Regional City, offering sport and recreation facilities for South West Sydney, as well as new homes. In response to community feedback, we have updated the plan including:

  • Revising the Leumeah Precinct vision to reflect its role as the gateway to Campbelltown-Macarthur;
  • No longer including the tennis courts and car park within the open space area; and
  • Removing maximum potential heights for high rise development so that appropriate heights can be determined at the detailed planning stage.

Next Steps

Rezoning within this precinct can now occur through:

  • Planning proposals submitted by landowners to Campbelltown City Council. These proposals need to be consistent with the Greater Macarthur Growth Area Implementation Plan and relevant precinct plan;
  • Council led local environmental plan amendments; or
  • State Government-led planning for certain precincts.

Once rezoning occurs, Campbelltown City Council will be responsible for implementing the precinct plan.

Page last updated: 06/10/2020