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State-shaping precinct

Macquarie Park is set to play a key role as an innovation precinct and an economic powerhouse in Sydney’s North District.

The Greater Cities Commission (GCC) has led the coordination of the land use planning and infrastructure planning for Macquarie Park to incorporate a whole of State and local government approach to the strategic investigations.

The department will continue working with City of Ryde Council, the GCC, Transport for NSW and State agencies to implement the place strategy for Macquarie Park.

View a map of the Macquarie Park innovation precinct (PDF, 1.8 MB).

Macquarie Park Place Strategy

The Macquarie Park Place Strategy has been finalised and will guide renewal of the precinct to 2036.

The place strategy will help Macquarie Park reach its potential as a world-class place for innovation and collaboration with a strong employment focus. 

The final planning package includes a master plan, which will inform future detailed master planning for each neighbourhood and rezoning. 

Finalisation of the place strategy is supported by the Greater Cities Commission Strategic Infrastructure and Services Assessment (SISA), which has been finalised and will guide delivery of infrastructure in Macquarie Park.

The place strategy does not rezone land but will guide local council, State agencies and the private sector on land use planning for Macquarie Park.

A s9.1. Ministerial Direction requires any future planning proposals for the precinct to be consistent with the place strategy and master plan.  

The draft Macquarie Park Place Strategy was exhibited from 1 July to 10 August 2021.

We have responded to exhibition feedback by making adjustments to open space, confirming the rezoning pathways and increasing the urban tree canopy target.

Find out more about how we responded to feedback by reading our What We Heard report and the Finalisation report on the Planning Portal.

What happens next

Work has started on the Stage 1 neighbourhood master plan, infrastructure delivery plan and detailed transport study to progress the rezoning.

Stage 1 comprises Waterloo Park (Butbut), Shrimptons Quarter (Waragal Birrung) and the western portion of Macquarie Living Station (Gari Nawi). 

The detailed master planning and proposed rezoning process will introduce new planning controls to guide future development in these neighbourhoods.

We will seek community feedback on the draft master plan and proposed rezoning in 2023.

The remaining neighbourhoods in the precinct will be planned and developed over time. 

Artist’s impression of Macquarie Park.


What’s happened so far?  

 The Department has been consulting with the Macquarie Park community since 2016 including workshops, surveys and direct engagement with key stakeholders.

Previously completed precincts are:

Macquarie Park innovation precinct timeline

Precinct status name Place Strategy exhibition
Completed phase
Tmeline dates 1 Jul – 10 Aug 2021
Precinct status name Place Strategy finalisation
Completed phase
Tmeline dates Aug 2022
Precinct status name Stage 1 rezoning studies
Completed phase
Tmeline dates Sep 2022 - 2023
Precinct status name Stage 1 rezoning exhibition
Completed phase
Tmeline dates 2023-2024

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