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North Parramatta


North Parramatta is located close to the fast-growing Parramatta CBD. Together with City of Parramatta Council, local residents, community organisations and businesses, the Department of Planning and Environment will create a North Parramatta Place Strategy for this important area.

The Place Strategy will deliver a vision for the future of North Parramatta that will meet the needs of a growing and changing population, enhancing liveability for all. It will guide future growth in a way that recognises and responds to the heritage significance of the area. 

Developing a Place Strategy will provide the opportunity to understand what’s important in North Parramatta, what aspects should be preserved and how the area can evolve to meet the needs of people who live, work and play in North Parramatta. 

View the study area map for North Parramatta Place Strategy (PDF, 3.2 MB).


What's happening now?

The department is starting early consultation in late 2022, where we will work closely with the local community, Council, and other key stakeholders to  gather inputs to develop a Vision for North Parramatta, including directions for the future growth of the precinct.

For these early consultations, the department prepared a presentation for the North Parramatta Place Strategy Community Visioning Workshop (PDF, 3.1 MB).

What happens next?

Following early consultation, the department will work to deliver a draft place strategy, supported by specialist studies in urban design, heritage, social infrastructure, and economic feasibility. The draft strategy and supporting studies will be placed on exhibition and open for consultation in mid 2023.

North Parramatta Place Strategy timeline

Precinct status name Early consultation
Tmeline dates December 2022
Precinct status name Exhibition of Draft Place Strategy
Tmeline dates Mid 2023
Precinct status name Final Place Strategy
Tmeline dates Late 2023

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