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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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The NSW Government is committed to making Penrith Lakes a destination to play, relax, work and visit.


The overall vision is for Penrith Lakes to be a signature piece of regional open space in the Western Parkland City, with a strong world-class sporting and recreational identity.


Penrith Lakes is governed by the State Environmental Planning Policy (Penrith Lakes Scheme) 1989 (Penrith Lakes SEPP).


The Penrith Lakes SEPP includes a Land Zoning Map that shows what is permissible at the site.


Amendment to Penrith Lakes SEPP 2021

In August 2021, we proposed changes to the Penrith Lakes SEPP that will increase employment, recreational and tourism opportunities within Western Sydney. 

The amendment was on exhibition from 14 August 2021 until 26 September 2021.  

For more information visit the Penrith Lakes SEPP webpage.

Draft Development Control Plan - Stage 1 

We have prepared a draft Penrith Lakes Development Control Plan - Stage 1 (Draft DCP) to guide development on Tourism and Employment zoned land at Penrith Lakes, as required under the Penrith Lakes SEPP.


The Draft DCP applies to Tourism and Employment zoned land, and provides guidance on landscaping, visual amenity, tree canopy cover, flood planning, stormwater management, movement, access and parking requirements, urban design and built form controls. The Draft DCP, along with the Penrith Lakes SEPP includes strong considerations for flood management and response.


Consultation and feedback


The Draft DCP was on public exhibition from 21 April until 19 May 2021.


Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the Draft DCP - Stage 1. We are now reviewing and considering all submissions received. Your feedback will help inform the final Penrith Lakes Development Control Plan - Stage 1.


Next steps

All public submissions will be made available on the Planning Portal.


Once finalised, we will publish the final Penrith Lakes Development Control Plan – Stage 1.


Penrith Lakes Water Management Plan

Following more than nine years of cooperation with the major landowner of the Penrith Lakes Scheme, Penrith Lakes Development Corporation, the department has endorsed the Penrith Lakes Water Management Plan (WMP).


The WMP is based on research and evidence and ensures good water quality and adequate water quantity for the 723 ha of lakes and the planned 32 ha of wetlands and smaller water bodies at Penrith Lakes.


It will guide future best practice management of the Penrith Lakes Scheme.


There are four key principles within the WMP:

  • water quality management at the source
  • use of detention basins and wetlands to enhance water quality prior to water entering the lakes system
  • diverse land-based ecosystems
  • healthy aquatic ecosystems.


View the Water Management Plan


More information

For more information about Penrith Lakes, contact us via our online form

Page last updated: 27/09/2021