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South West Growth Area

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South West Growth Area overview

The South West Growth Area (SWGA) is approximately 10,000 hectares adjoining the Western Sydney Aerotropolis and the Glenfield to Macarthur Urban Renewal Corridor

The SWGA is one of three growth areas in South West Sydney. The other two are the Wilton Growth Area and the Greater Macarthur Growth Area.

The SWGA is comprised of 14 precincts and several sub precincts. To date, 9 precincts have been rezoned.


The South West Growth Area Structure Plan update

The department has prepared an update of the SWGA Structure Plan (PDF, 1.4 MB).

Much has happened since the previous Structure Plan was published. To prepare the update, we have worked with Camden, Campbelltown and Liverpool Councils as well as state agencies and industry groups, to ensure the Structure Plan reflects current planning for the area.

To accompany the updated SWGA Structure Plan, the department has also prepared a Guide to the South West Growth Area (PDF, 7.2 MB).

The Guide replaces the previous ‘Explanatory notes’. Together, the updated Structure Plan and the Guide will help inform future rezonings. This will provide homes, open space, community facilities and essential services to meet the needs of new and growing communities.

A Section 9.1 Ministerial Direction has been issued to support the SWGA. This Direction requires planning proposals to demonstrate consistency with the 2022 Structure Plan and Guide.


Aboriginal engagement

The department has partnered with consultants GHD, Zion Engagement and Planning and Waters Consultancy to work closely with the Aboriginal community living in or connected to the SWGA.

The department is committed to reaching out and listening to Traditional Custodians and Cultural Knowledge Holders to inform our work.

South West Growth Area timeline

Precinct status name Studies undertaken
Completed phase
Tmeline dates Jan – July 2022
Precinct status name Plan preparation
Completed phase
Tmeline dates July – December 2022
Precinct status name Update to Plan
Completed phase
Tmeline dates Published December 2022

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