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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Telopea Precinct is now rezoned.


We worked closely with the City of Parramatta Council, NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) and the community to rezone Telopea Precinct.


Rezoning achieves the LAHC master plan and brings a variety of housing choices, access to public transport and new and improved open spaces to Telopea.


Read the LAHC master plan

What were the outcomes?

Local Character Statement

A Local Character Statement has been prepared for Telopea. The Local Character Statement captured what’s important to the local community and helps to inform future planning in the area.


Council and LAHC will use the Local Character Statement to make sure the development and construction of Telopea protects what is important to the community.


You can view the Local Character Statement in three parts:

  1. Local Character Statement part one
  2. Local Character Statement part two
  3. Local Character Statement part three

Changes to Telopea Precinct

Changes to Telopea Precinct were made through amendments to the Parramatta Local Environmental Plan 2011.


Changes were made to land use zoning, maximum height of buildings controls and floor space ratio controls. Amendments made to the planning controls are listed in the Parramatta Local Environmental Plan 2011.


We released the Telopea master plan and precinct proposal (rezoning) for community feedback in 2017. We incorporated key issues raised by the community in our finalisation of the rezoning of the Telopea Precinct.


All of the documents are available on the Planning Portal.

Future planning of Telopea

Council is currently considering the preparation of a draft Development Control Plan (DCP) to provide further guidance on the LEP controls that have been established and are also reviewing their contribution plan to fund local infrastructure.


We are also working with State agencies to confirm State infrastructure required to support the future growth of the locality. In November 2019, the Greater Sydney Commission released the draft pilot Place-based Infrastructure Compact (PIC) for Greater Parramatta and the Olympic Peninsula (GPOP)

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Page last updated: 04/03/2020