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Wilton Greenfield Housing Code

The fast-track complying development pathway for Wilton speeds up the delivery of new homes in areas identified as low density residential in the Urban Development Zone (UDZ) in the Wilton Growth Area.

  • South East Wilton Precinct (Stage 1): The Greenfield Housing Code applies to land identified as Stage 1 South East Wilton on the Wilton Greenfield Housing Code Variation Area Map (PDF, 470 KB).
  • South East Wilton Precinct (other than Stage 1) and North Wilton Precinct: The Wilton Greenfield Housing Code Variation applies to Low Density Residential lands identified on the Wilton Greenfield Housing Code Variation Area Map (excluding blue cross-hatching). The lands must be created by a plan of subdivision lodged or registered after the Neighbourhood Plan process under the development control plan applying to the land has been completed.
  • The Wilton Greenfield Housing Code Variation also applies to the dwelling houses near rail and major roads corridors. Additional development standards apply to dwelling houses within 60m of the rail and major roads corridors identified on the Wilton Rail and Major Roads Corridor Map (PDF, 634 KB).

The Wilton Greenfield Housing Code Variation combines the Greenfield Housing Code with specific variations for South East and North Wilton in Schedule 3 Part 3 of State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008. Both the Greenfield Housing Code and the variations in Part 3 need to be referenced when undertaking development. The Guide to Wilton Greenfield Housing Code (PDF, 855 KB) provides the planning controls for Wilton in a single document for ease of use (note this is a guide only).  

The Wilton variations to the Greenfield Housing Code include settings for:
  • front, side, and rear setbacks
  • minimum lot width and lot area bands
  • minimum landscape area to suit new lot area bands
  • a buffer to environmental land
  • light-coloured roofs for reduced solar absorption

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Page last updated: 23/01/2023