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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Central Coast Implementation Plan 2018-2020

The Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 represents a whole of Government commitment to the vision and directions for the Central oast. It provides an overarching framework that guides the preparation of detailed land use plans, the determination of development proposals and informs infrastructure funding.


The Regional Plan sets planning priorities for the Central Coast, with medium and longer-term actions to be determined according to rates of growth and change in our population and economy over the life of the document.


The Regional Plan is accompanied by a two-year Implementation Plan that sets out governance, tasks, responsibilities and timing for delivery of the Regional Plan.


The Central Coast Implementation Plan 2018-2020 is the second two-year implementation plan to ensure accountability to realise the vision of the Regional Plan. The priorities have been adjusted towards the next phase of planning for the region’s growth and change to 2036.



The Regional Plan is only as good as its delivery. Achieving the vision for the Central Coast is a shared responsibility between the NSW Government, Central Coast Council, along with business, industry, institutions and the community. Responsibility for delivering the goals set out in the Regional Plan is also shared.


The purpose of this Implementation Plan is to:

  • Identify priorities for the next phase of implementing the Regional Plan.
  • Ensure ongoing collaboration and agreement on the implementation of the Regional Plan.
  • Identify the role of NSW Government agencies and Central Coast Council involved in implementing the focus areas.
  • Outline the Central Coast Delivery Coordination and Monitoring Committee’s role in overseeing the delivery of the Regional Plan.
  • Inform the review and update of the Regional Plan (review to commence this implementation period).

Implementing the Regional Plan

The delivery of the 110 actions of the Regional Plan will be through 7 implementation focus areas. These focus areas best articulate the immediate priorities for the Regional Plan’s implementation.


  1. Promote economic growth, jobs and development in strategic centres and growth corridors.
  2. Address land use needs west of the M1 Pacific Motorway.
  3. Improve knowledge of housing and employment land supply and demand to support better decision making.
  4. Improve planning outcomes for the Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council.
  5. Revitalise Gosford City Centre.
  6. Support integration of implementation priorities in Council’s work program.
  7. Coordinate Strategic Conservation Planning for the region.


View the Central Coast Regional Implementation Plan 2018-2020 (PDF, 1.5MB)

View the Implementation Plan

Monitoring Reports

Monitoring Reports provide an overview of work undertaken by the NSW Government, local councils and other stakeholders to implement the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036.

The Reports identify key achievements for delivering on the goals, directions and actions of the Regional Plan and outline progress on the delivery of priority actions over the period. The reports also outline the work plan that will be progressed over the next 12 months.


Download Monitoring Report 2019