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NSW Department of Planning and Environment
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The North Coast of NSW is one of the State’s most desirable places to live, work and play.


With a biologically diverse environment, a subtropical climate and panoramic landscapes, the North Coast attracts more than 12 million visitors each year, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia.


The North Coast Regional Plan 2036 is the land-use planning blueprint to deliver the region’s exciting future.


The region will harness the opportunities provided by its spectacular environment, growing cities and vibrant communities. Connectivity and prosperity will be delivered by significant infrastructure investment, led by the Pacific Highway upgrade.


What’s happening now?

Review and update of the regional plan

We are currently undertaking the first 5-year review of the regional plan to reset priorities and extend its reach to 2041.


The review is involving consultation with councils, community representatives, industry organisations and other stakeholders.


The updated draft North Coast Regional Plan 2041 will be on exhibition and open for your feedback from mid-2022.


The updated plan will build on the current North Coast Regional Plan 2036.


Regional City Action Plans

A key objective of the North Coast Regional Plan 2036 was the development of Regional City Action Plans (RCAPs) for the North Coast regional cities of Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Lismore and Tweed.


Following public exhibitions all four RCAPs for Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Lismore and Tweed were finalised during 2021 and 2022.


The objectives of the RCAPs are to maximise opportunities for jobs, investment and infrastructure for these regional cities while also ensuring future housing needs are met to cater for a variety of lifestyle choices and needs.


Specifically, the Coffs Harbour RCAP aims to harness and build on the city’s growth as an entrepreneurial centre, strong employment rates, diversified economy and coastal amenities.


The Port Macquarie RCAP will create more green spaces for koalas to thrive. It will also improve public spaces including a vibrant waterfront, increase the supply of affordable housing, attract investment, encourage tourism and create more jobs.


The Lismore RCAP will deliver a vibrant, innovative city with a number of strengthened initiatives to support resilience against floods and other natural disasters along with green corridors to provide habitat for many species, in addition to a number of initiatives to help koalas thrive.


The Tweed RCAP provides a framework to manage and shape the far north city’s growth to boost housing supply, tackle affordability and safeguard the city against natural hazards to make it one of the best places to live in Australia.


To find out more and read the final RCAPs for Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Lismore and Tweed, visit our Regional City Action Plans webpage.


North Coast Regional Plan

The North Coast Regional Plan 2036 is a 20-year blueprint for the future of the North Coast.

Hot air balloon over the Clarence Valley, Grafton, NSW. Photo by: Destination NSW

Delivering the plan

The North Coast Regional Plan 2036 is a 20-year strategy to guide land use planning decisions for the North Coast region.

Coastal walking track at Perpendicular Point in the Kattang Nature Reserve, Camden Head, NSW. Photo by: Destination NSW

Regional City Action Plans

Regional City Action Plans (RCAPs) will provide a framework to manage and shape the growth of the North Coast’s four major cities.

Family cycling in Port Macquarie.

Resources and maps

Key resources and maps providing background information on the North Coast Region.

Cudgen farmland, NSW. Photo by: Ryan Fowler / Destination Tweed