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NSW Department of Planning and Environment
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As our population grows and our state develops, we are ensuring the natural environment and our heritage are protected.


In this section, you will find plans stretching from our parklands to the skies; from our native animals to our vegetation.


You’ll also find guidelines about live entertainment in venues.

Dark Sky

We have teamed up with Siding Spring Observatory and Dubbo School of Distant Education to help protect the dark night sky from light pollution.

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A system for planning for live entertainment was introduced in 2009.

Hands making a heart shape, silhouetted against a night time bar background.

Environment zones

The Department has developed a new approach to support farming and protect the environment.

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Georges River Catchment

The catchment of the Georges River drains a landmass of nearly 1000 square kilometres, including parts of 14 local government areas.

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Heritage Stoneworks

Heritage Stoneworks manages heritage building projects and collaborates on the Minister’s Stonework Program.
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Koala Habitat Protection SEPP

Koala Habitat Protection SEPP

The State Environmental Planning Policy (Koala Habitat Protection) 2020 commenced on 30 November 2020.

Koala in tree, Wollondilly Koala Project. Photo by Bear Hunt Photography / Save Our Species program

Sharing Sydney Harbour

The Sydney Harbour Catchment Regional Environmental Plan 2005 (REP) and Sydney Harbour Foreshores and Waterways Area Development Control Plan 2005 (DCP).

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Vegetation SEPP

The State Environmental Planning Policy will safe-guard native vegetation in urban areas and land zoned for environmental protection by providing a consistent approach to clearing in NSW.

Landscape photo of vegetation in Cumberland area. Photo by Greg Steenbeek