NSW Department of Planning and Environment

The Housing Code

The Housing Code commenced on 14 July 2017.

The Code sets out clear planning rules for complying development including one and two storey homes, renovations and extensions.

Planning rules for building a home under the fast-track complying development approval pathway have been simplified, making it easier, cheaper and faster for homeowners to get an approval.

The Housing Code is clear and simple to understand, with easy to follow diagrams to make it easier for homeowners, certifiers and councils to understand the rules for complying development.

Under the Code, development can be carried out as complying development where the relevant development standards in the State Policy are met. These standards have been developed following extensive consultation with the community, councils and industry, to ensure impacts on neighbours are minimised and include:

  • maximum building height
  • maximum gross floor area
  • minimum setbacks from roads and boundaries
  • minimum landscaped area
  • privacy requirements

Benefits of the Housing Code include:

  • simple and clear planning rules, with easy to follow diagrams
  • saving time and money for home owners
  • cutting red tape
  • more certainty for certifiers and councils when assessing proposals
  • faster and more efficient housing delivery.

End of the Transitional Housing Code

When the Housing Code was introduced, a two-year transitional period for the previous General Housing Code (also known as the Transitional Housing Code) was also introduced. The transitional period allowed applicants to choose to have their project approved as complying development under either the Housing Code, the Greenfield Housing Code, the Inland Code or the Transitional Housing Code, depending on the location of the proposed development until 13 July 2019.

Complying development certificate applications can no longer be submitted or approved for development under the Transitional Housing Code (Part 2A of the Codes SEPP). Applicants will need to use the Housing Code, the Greenfield Housing Code or the Inland Code, depending on where their proposed development is located.

To find out which Code applies go to the NSW Planning Portal.

Page last updated: 19/12/2022