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Low Rise Housing Diversity

The benefits of Low Rise Housing Diversity

The population of NSW is changing and growing, with an increased number of people living alone or with their partner. People’s needs are changing in terms of the size, configuration, cost and location of housing to suit their lifestyles.

There is a need to consider a diverse choice of housing that reflects the need and preferences of households today and into the future.

The NSW Government is helping to provide more housing diversity through the Low Rise Housing Diversity Code. The Low Rise Housing Diversity Code allows well-designed dual occupancies, manor houses and terraces (up to two storeys) to be carried out under a fast-tracked complying development approval pathway.

With the Low Rise Housing Diversity Code, the NSW Government will provide greater housing choice of high design quality to help create liveable and desirable communities.


On 1 July 2020, the Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code was renamed the Low Rise Housing Diversity Code to reflect the diverse housing choices it provides. The Code applies in all local government areas in NSW.

The Code is only applicable where council zoning already permits these forms of housing.

The Code was developed after almost three years of consultation including a Discussion Paper in 2015, draft Design Guide and Explanation of Intended Effects and the ‘Missing Middle’ design competition in 2016.

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