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Special entertainment precincts

The NSW Government has introduced special entertainment precincts to provide a different way for councils to manage amplified noise from licensed premises.

Councils can establish special entertainment precincts following changes to local government laws in April 2021. This allows councils to set requirements for amplified music and adopt their own plans to encourage more live music and performance venues in the precinct.

Inner West Council trial

Inner West Council requested an extension of its trial special entertainment precinct on a section of Enmore Road until 31 July 2023. We have changed the Inner West’s Local Environmental Plan to extend the trial. The extension gives Council time to consult its community and venues about their experience of the precinct and to prepare a planning proposal if they decide to make the precinct permanent.

See the Enmore Special Entertainment Precinct webpage for information on what’s happening during the trial, Council’s proposals for sound management and to provide your feedback.

The LEP change allows Council to trial a Noise Management Plan for licenced venues that have amplified music, and for Council, venues and the community to experience the practical aspects of changes to noise management in the precinct.

Special entertainment precincts aim to encourage more live entertainment to support venues, performers and an active night time economy.

View the FAQs - Special Entertainment Precinct (PDF, 277 KB)

For more information on the Inner West trial, please contact Billy Cotsis, Economic Development team leader on 02 9392 5137 or billy.cotsis@innerwest.nsw.gov.au.

Exhibition closed – Inner West Special Entertainment Precinct

An Explanation of Intended Effect (EIE) for changes to trial the Inner West’s special entertainment precinct in Enmore Road was exhibited from 10 June until 8 July 2022. Visit the Planning Portal to read the EIE and submissions.

Band performing in The Duke Hotel, Enmore. Credit: Rhiannon Hopley
People walking and dining on Enmore Road, Enmore. Credit: Rhiannon Hopley

Images: Rhiannon Hopley

What is a special entertainment precinct?

A special entertainment precinct is a defined area where sound from licenced venues with amplified music is managed by councils through their Noise Management Plan.

This lets councils set sound levels for amplified music and prepare their own plans to support live music and performance in the precinct. Any requirements on amplified music that would normally be in place under the Liquor Act 2007 will not apply in the precincts, including any licence conditions on amplified music.

The Liquor Act allows extended trading hours and licence fee reductions for live music and performance venues which provide music, arts and cultural events. See Liquor and Gaming NSW for more details.

Councils can identify a precinct by amending their Local Environmental Plan and publishing the Noise Management Plan on their website. A precinct may be a single venue, streetscape or other defined area. How council decide where is suitable for a special entertainment precinct will depend on local amenities, existing infrastructure, and current (or intended) neighbourhood character.

Where can I go for advice and support?

For more information on the establishment and operation of special entertainment precincts in your area:

Councils should also consult with Liquor and Gaming NSW when deciding to set up a precinct.

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