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Standard conditions of consent

A more effective and efficient planning system will attract new investment to NSW and support the delivery of new housing. Planning reforms are a critical part of the NSW Government’s aim of keeping people in jobs and ensuring the economy moves towards recovery.

We are working with our stakeholders to create a simpler planning system, reduce assessment times, and make it easier to invest in NSW.

Standard conditions

The introduction of standard conditions of development consent is an initiative under the NSW Planning Reform Action Plan. Introducing standardised conditions of consent that will be used by all councils when approving local and regionally significant development will help speed up assessment timeframes, provide greater consistency and certainty, and make development consents easier to navigate. This will free up councils to focus on the more complex aspects of development assessment and compliance.

Throughout 2021, the department has undertaken an extensive consultation program – which included a webinar, survey, workshops and council testing program. There has been strong support from all stakeholders for the introduction of standard conditions of consent and a standard template for notices of determination

What’s happening now?

In September 2022, the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation was amended to specify that councils and planning panels must prepare development consents (notices of determination) in a standard format on the Planning Portal.

In September 2022, we released a suite of resources to help councils and consent authorities adjust to the new requirements:

From September 2022, the NSW Planning Portal will house standard conditions and facilitate the preparation of notices of determination.

In November 2022, the commencement date for the Amending Regulation was deferred to 30 June 2023 for all councils.

From 30 June 2023, councils and planning panels will be required to use the standard format notice of determination on the NSW Planning Portal.


The Department of Planning and Environment held webinars providing an update on policy and legislative updates for the standard conditions of consent project.

The webinar outlines:

  • updates on the standard conditions project
  • standard format Notice of Determination
  • changes to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2021
  • the updated guide to writing conditions of consent
  • preparing bespoke conditions
  • training and resources for councils
  • the implementation program and training on changes to the NSW Planning Portal.

View the webinar


Next steps

NSW Planning Portal training

We will provide training to councils on both the use of the NSW Planning Portal for preparing notices of determination and applying bespoke conditions through the Planning Portal. We will also make a test environment available so councils can explore the features of the system.

A Standard Conditions Toolkit (PDF, 427 KB) is now available to assist councils to:

  • create and upload their bespoke libraries of conditions for different types of development on to the Planning Portal
  • prepare notices of determination on the Planning Portal using a standard format.

From 31 October 2022, Councils can start uploading conditions into the council bespoke condition library on the Planning Portal.

Further consultation

Following consultation, the department has identified other types of development that are suitable for standard conditions.

Standard conditions for mixed use development, change of use, food and drink premises and demolition are being finalised and will be implemented over the next 3 months.

Find out more and have your say by 11 November 2022.

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