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Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley floodplain

2022 NSW Flood Inquiry

The NSW Government commissioned an independent inquiry into the preparation for, causes of, response to and recovery from the 2022 flood events across NSW. The report and recommendations from this inquiry have now been delivered.

The department is working with other government agencies and key stakeholders, like councils, on the implementation of the government's response to the report as part of its commitment to ensuring there is greater resilience in communities across NSW.

Further updates on the government’s response to the report will be provided in due course.


The Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley is one of the most complex floodplains in Australia. Not only does it contain a unique landscape, it’s home to some of the fastest growing areas of Western Sydney, as well as some of the earliest areas of European settlement in Australia.

The government’s Resilient Valley, Resilient Communities: the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley Flood Risk Management Strategy identifies the risk and challenges in the 425 square kilometres of Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley floodplain. Historic decisions about the location of settlements and villages within the floodplain coupled with the need to plan for the sustainable future of its residents means there is a greater need for risk-based land use planning to prepare for flood events. This will ensure development is located outside of the high-risk areas, that the built form is resilient and development considers evacuation needs. The strategy is a long-term plan for the NSW Government, councils, businesses and the community to work together to understand and manage the flood risk as well as preparing for flood events.

Risk-based land use planning will be used to support community resilience as part of a broader range of measures.

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Page last updated: 17/01/2023