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NSW Department of Planning and Environment

A vibrant town centre in Sydney’s North West that fosters community and will harness Sydney Metro’s potential to create a more connected Greater Sydney

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At a glance

State-shaping precinct


Three separate but related plans are on exhibition for public comment until 28 August 2022:

  • The department is exhibiting the Cherrybrook Precinct Place Strategy, which will help guide the development of the wider Cherrybrook Precinct and inform future rezoning.
  • Landcom is exhibiting a rezoning proposal for the Cherrybrook Station State Significant Precinct (SSP), which covers government-owned land next to the metro station.
  • The department is also exhibiting an amendment to State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) Planning Systems, to enable the Cherrybrook Station government land to be listed as a State Significant Development (SSD) site. 


View the Cherrybrook Station Precinct map (PDF, 680 KB) showing which parts of Cherrybrook and West Pennant Hills are affected by these plans.


Visit our virtual engagement room


You can view the exhibition of place strategy and SSP rezoning proposal presentation(PDF, 3.7 MB)  from our online information session on 4 August 2022 or read our frequently asked questions
(PDF, 95.9 KB), which have been updated in response to questions at the session.

Cherrybrook Precinct Place Strategy

The draft Cherrybrook Precinct Place Strategy is a 20-year plan to enhance Cherrybrook’s leafy bushland residential character with new open space, more street trees and better access for pedestrians and cyclists.

It will guide development of the wider Cherrybrook Precinct and inform future rezoning and planning controls to shape the creation of a green village.

The draft place strategy builds on the 2013 Cherrybrook Station Structure Plan in addition to the department’s community consultation in 2017 and 2018 and feedback from local councils and government agencies.

Cherrybrook Precinct will be a compact and walkable green village that:

  • delivers 3,200 new homes near a metro station to reduce car use 
  • increases the range of housing types in the area including medium-density apartments up to 5 storeys high and terraces
  • preserves Cherrybrook’s natural beauty with increased tree canopy and protection of Blue Gum High Forest
  • increases open space for everyone to enjoy including three new local parks and an expansion of the Robert Road Reserve, and
  • improves pedestrian access with walking trails and cycling paths connecting public spaces and access to the station and new town centre.

The department is also exhibiting a State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) amendment to enable the Cherrybrook Station government land to be listed as a State Significant Development (SSD) site. This will allow future development applications for the government land to be lodged using the SSD process.

View the plans and make a submission on the planning portal.


Cherrybrook Station SSP rezoning proposal

The Cherrybrook Station state-led rezoning proposal is for the government-owned land next to the metro station.

Landcom has prepared a rezoning proposal on behalf of the landowner Sydney Metro through the State Significant Precinct (SSP) process.

The rezoning will enable a new mixed-use town centre with retail, community facilities, new open space and up to 390 new homes, with a minimum of 5 per cent affordable housing.

Find out more about the rezoning proposal at Landcom’s webpage.

View the plans and make a submission on the planning portal.

What happens next

Cherrybrook Precinct Place Strategy

We will review submissions received during the exhibition and address issues raised in the final place strategy. If adopted, the final place strategy will come into effect through a Ministerial Direction requiring planning proposals to follow its intent and guidance.

Rezonings/planning controls for the precinct will be required to amend the Local Environment Plans (LEPs) of Hills Shire Council and Hornsby Shire Council.

Any planning proposals for these LEP amendments will be prepared by either councils or the department. Both pathways will provide opportunity for community feedback through the exhibition of the draft LEPs.


Cherrybrook Station SSP rezoning proposal

Landcom will review the submissions from the exhibition and prepare responses to the issues raised for the department to consider. Once issues have been addressed, the finalisation package will be sent to the Minister for Planning and Homes to consider approving the rezoning amendments to the Hornsby LEP. This is expected to occur in late 2022.


State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) Planning Systems amendment

Submissions will inform finalisation of the amendment to be approved by the Minister. If approved, the amendment will enable the Cherrybrook Station government land to be listed as a State Significant Development (SSD) site. This means development applications that meet the provisions of the SEPP can be lodged through the SSD pathway.

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The vision

Cherrybrook Precinct will be transformed into a vibrant town centre with the creation of retail spaces and amenities – including cafes, shops, community facilities and local businesses – that meet the needs of commuters and locals alike.

Recreation areas and public spaces will make the precinct a social hotspot for residents, while preserving the qualities of the area that long-time residents treasure. New apartments near the local centre will offer housing diversity and affordability for a growing population and serve as a catalyst for regenerating the area. The new homes will have easy access to public transport, helping to better connect Greater Sydney.


What's happened so far

Cherrybrook Precinct is a part of the Northwest Rail Link Corridor Strategy,, which aims to create new vibrant centres and housing within walking distance of Sydney Metro stations.

The Corridor Strategy was finalised in 2013 and included the Cherrybrook Station Structure Plan, which outlines the vision for the Cherrybrook Precinct.

The department held community workshops and online consultation between July 2017 and January 2018 to understand residents’ priorities for the neighbourhood. Feedback from this consultation has informed the draft place strategy.

Landcom conducted early community consultation between July and September 2020 to inform the preparation of the SSP rezoning proposal. The consultation included stakeholder online meetings and briefings, a community incubator and follow-up information session, coffee table conversations, and online and telephone surveys. More than 800 people participated in the consultation.


More information on Cherrybrook Precinct

Landcom SSP town centre rezoning proposal

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