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Everyone Can Play

We are making playspaces in NSW more inclusive. Through Everyone Can Play, we are helping designers and councils create playspaces that are more inclusive of everyone in the community.

The Everyone Can Play program has funded 141 inclusive playspaces since it commenced in 2018, delivering on its $20 million commitment to creating inclusive playspaces across NSW.

In addition, the Everyone Can Play program is delivering on the Premier's Priorities of quality green, open and public space within 10 minutes walk of urban areas and increase canopy cover across Greater Sydney.

What is Everyone Can Play?

Everyone Can Play is a best practice resource for councils, community leaders, landscape architects and passionate local residents. It is a reference guide for creating world-class playspaces, designed to include everyone in the community.

Everyone Can Play guideline

We developed the Everyone Can Play guideline (PDF, 7.9 MB) by working with more than 50 stakeholders from local government, landscape architecture, disability advocates, industry representatives, parents and educators.

The guideline has transformed the way playspaces are planned, designed and managed. Expanding on the principles of ‘Can I get there? Can I play? Can I stay?’, 3 new chapters for the guideline have been developed.

Everyone Can Play guidelines.

Read the new chapters

Nature Play explores the way people engage with the natural environment. This chapter provides useful tips and advice to help you create nature playspaces in your community.

Place and Play incorporates local knowledge, materials, artists, plants, climates, cultures and stories into playspaces. This chapter provides useful tips and advice to help you connect with the unique characteristics of spaces in your area.

Water Play encourages innovative solutions to include water as part of your play environment. This chapter provides useful tips and advice to help you create water playspaces in community.


Everyone Can Play grant

The Everyone Can Play grant program enables the NSW Government commitment to renew, renovate and build inclusive play spaces to ensure people of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds can play.

 Playspaces at Muston Park, Chatswood.

More information

The Everyone Can Play website provides resources including toolkits, news articles, case studies and examples to assist in the planning, creation and delivery of inclusive playspaces.