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Cemeteries as State Significant Development

Cemetery projects above a certain size have been deemed state significant developments (SSD) to make their assessment clearer and more consistent.

Cemeteries with at least 5,000 new interment sites are now assessed as SSD, in the same way as other social infrastructure such as hospitals and schools.

Why focus on cemeteries?

A NSW Government review of cemeteries and crematoria has forecast a critical shortage in burial space, particularly in Greater Sydney, as demand continues to grow. Larger cemeteries can make a substantial contribution to resolving this shortage.

The review recommended the use of the SSD assessment pathway to speed up delivery of cemetery space. The SSD pathway is commonly used to assess development of a range of types of social infrastructure and will provide a consistent approach to assessing larger cemetery proposals.

The changes?

New and expanded cemeteries seeking at least 5,000 new interment sites are now assessed as SSD.

Schedule 1 of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Planning Systems) 2021 has been amended to enable the change.