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Planning Concierge

The planning system can be difficult to navigate, particularly for new investors.

The Planning Concierge provides a central point of contact for investors to provide guidance on the NSW planning system.

Collaborating with agency partners and other parts of the department, the concierge helps to mediate complex planning problems facing the industry, so projects aren’t held up in the system.

The team is skilled at providing intermediary services to remove barriers and simplify planning pathways to keep the economy moving and deliver great planning and public benefit outcomes.

Collaborating with our customers

Services we provide

  • Central point of contact for domestic and international investors with a portfolio of projects navigating the NSW planning system.
  • Assist developers to find clear planning pathways while maintaining sound planning decisions.
  • Coordinate agencies across government to identify and resolve issues early – before projects enter the system.
  • Mediation services to help progress projects stuck in the system.
  • Manage general referrals, including Foreign Investment Review Board applications, from government agencies that involve a planning transaction.
  • Triage projects with high economic and public benefit for consideration in the Priority Assessment Program.

Aboriginal Concierge Service

The Aboriginal Concierge Service works collaboratively with Aboriginal land managers including Local Aboriginal Land Councils (LALCs) and Registered Native Title Body Corporates (RNTBC), to make sure their experiences in the planning system are seamless.

We are committed to ensuring supporting self determination of Aboriginal communities and ensuring their interactions with the planning system better enable Aboriginal land managers to pursue any cultural, environmental and economic aspirations on their land.

The team provides a central point of contact in the department and works with LALCs and RNTBCs to troubleshoot issues and build strong relationships with consent authorities and agencies in land-use planning.

We encourage LALCs and RNTBCs to get in touch.

If you have any queries or are interested in receiving Aboriginal Planning Concierge support, email [email protected]

Can we help you?

The concierge focuses on projects with high strategic value for job creation, to build great places and support economic development.

If you have any questions about the services provided by the Planning Concierge, contact the team using the PDU assistance form.