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Everyone Plant One

Need more privacy in your home? Don’t like sharing your private balcony with the rest of the street? Don’t blame you. Trees can hide your neighbours, and they’ll also welcome new feathered locals who visit with morning birdsong.

Trees are nature’s privacy screen. These living fences are a great way to keep your place cool, break up wind corridors, and add value to your home. And what’s more, you can plant on a balcony, a porch or even inside.

Plant a tree for privacy

Watch the video on how planting a tree can help you with privacy.

"Research has shown that trees provide environmental, health and amenity benefits in relation to… privacy screening… within a Local Government area."

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Planting tips

When planting a tree, think about aesthetics as well as utility for your privacy screen, and plant something that will give you (and others) visual enjoyment for years to come.

Evergreen varieties feature year-round green foliage, making them the best choice for privacy. Our friends at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney recommend the following species for year-round coverage: eucalyptus varieties, lilly pillies, magnolias, conifers and pittosporum.

Try using a mix of different plants for a more aesthetically appealing look, that also protects your screen from major loss from pests or disease. Mixed planting also increases the biodiversity in your area by creating habitat for beneficial birds, insects and animals that can keep populations of pests in check.

Nature’s privacy screens can be planted close together, which makes them even more appealing for those who are looking for both privacy and beautiful landscaping ideas.

Tree care tips

Need help selecting the perfect tree, planting your tree, or looking after your tree?
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