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Research and demography

Find up-to-date evidence and key insights about the population, housing and broader economy of NSW.

What do we know about NSW’s population, housing and employment lands? How will these change over time? Access evidence that informs policies for NSW’s future. For the most recent data on housing supply, go to NSW Housing Supply Insights.

Lardelli Drive, Ryde, Sydney NSW - Example of Medium Density Housing. Credit: NSW Department of Planning and Environment / Christopher Walters
Housing evidence

The Housing Evidence Centre makes it easy to access the data you need to make decisions based on evidence.

Ladies walking down a residential street in Wentworthville, Western Sydney NSW. Credit: NSW Department of Planning and Environment / Adam Hollingworth
Population insights

The Australian Bureau of Statistics updates population data every year. We prepare insights for NSW to supplement the state projections.

Family enjoying a day out in the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney. Credit: Destination NSW
Population projections

Every day in NSW, babies are born, new people arrive and others depart. Find out more about our current population figures and how these numbers will help shape the future of NSW.

Urban Development Program (UDP) dashboards

View the latest data on housing, employment and infrastructure across key regions of NSW.

UDP dashboards