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What is exempt development?

Some minor building renovations or works don’t need any planning or building approval. This is called exempt development. Exempt development is very low impact development that can be done for certain residential, commercial and industrial properties. A few examples of development that can be exempt development are: decks, garden sheds, carports, fences, repairing a window or painting a house. As long as the proposed works meet all of the development standards (identified in the State Policy for exempt and complying development), approval may not be needed.


Relevant Legislation

The majority of exempt and complying development types and their development standards are found in the State Policy for exempt and complying development. You can view the policy on the NSW Legislation website:


The NSW Planning Portal

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment provides free information, advice and tools for everything from adding a deck or garage to building a new home.


You can use the online planning tools on the NSW Planning Portal to prepare, lodge and track development applications for straightforward residential developments known as ‘complying development’ or check the requirements for small home improvement projects known as 'exempt development' that do not require a planning or building approval.


For questions on exempt and complying development either visit the NSW Planning Portal or call 1300 305 695 or email or contact us.


Other development assessment systems

More information

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Page last updated: 19/06/2018