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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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The Independent Community Commissioner for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis is Professor Roberta Ryan.

Appointed in May 2021 by the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, the Hon Rob Stokes MP, Professor Ryan’s role is to provide an independent avenue for small landowners in the Western Sydney Aerotropolis to have their issues and concerns heard and addressed.

Following extensive consultation with small landowners, the Commissioner released her report in August 2021. The report outlines 40 recommendations to work better with the community to plan and deliver the Aerotropolis.

Professor Ryan’s recommendations focus on delivering improvements across three areas:

  • Communication, engagement and ongoing support
  • Responses to specific landowner impacts 
  • Governance and pathways. 
Read Professor Ryan’s full report (PDF, 376 KB) and overview (PDF, 188 KB).


Professor Ryan’s appointment as the Community Commissioner has been extended to oversee the recommendations and to continue to advocate for small landowners.

To contact the Commissioner please email.


Commissioner’s recommendations

The Commissioner’s recommendations are an important step in creating a fair and equitable way forward for small landholders in the planning and delivery of the Aerotropolis. 

The Commissioner’s recommendations are detailed and extensive. The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) and the Western Parkland City Authority (WPCA), support recommendations where immediate action can be initiated. 


Read the government’s initial response (PDF, 172 KB) to the Commissioner’s recommendations.

Recommendations which are 'Supported in principle - Subject to further investigation' will require additional work to identify pathways for implementation. Recommendations which are 'Supported in principle - Subject to the resolution of funding' will require formal funding approval to proceed with implementation. DPIE and WPCA will use their best endeavours to obtain the necessary funding to deploy the additional resources required to implement these recommendations. 


A more detailed response to each recommendation is available in the Aerotropolis – Responding to the Issues report (PDF 11.9 MB)


Community Consultative Committee

 A key recommendation by the Community Commissioner was to establish a Western Sydney Aerotropolis Community Consultative Committee (CCC). 

The Aerotropolis CCC builds on the work of the existing Community Liaison Group to provide an engagement forum for the community and other key stakeholders in the planning and development of the Aerotropolis. 

The CCC is not a decision-making body. It provides an advisory and consultative role for small landowner representatives, local councils, the Western Parkland City Authority, the Commonwealth and state agencies.  

Members – who are largely small landowners from the Western Sydney Aerotropolis – provide advice to state, federal and local government on impacts and ways governments can support and collaborate with the community during the planning and development of the Aerotropolis.

The CCC is chaired by the Independent Community Commissioner. It meets monthly, or more often as required. Minutes for each meeting are published on this website.

Nominations to join the CCC were called in August 2021, and the following members have been appointed to represent community views across the Aerotropolis:

Aerotropolis Core Joe Herceg
Carleen Markuse 
Paul Taglioli 
Badgerys Creek Roger Moss
Diana Vukovic 
Wianamatta-South Creek

Sam Aloi 
Ross Murphy 

Agribusiness Paul Buhac
Wayne Wilmington 
Northern Gateway Rob Heffernan 
Sascha Vukmirica 
Dwyer Road Helen Anderson  
Rossmore Gabriella Condello 


Landowner counselling service

A free, confidential telephone counselling service is available to all Aerotropolis landowners.
AccessEAP is an Australian owned and not-for-profit organisation that will provide landowners with general counselling, financial, and other specialist services over the phone.
If you would like to access this service, please call 1800 818 728 and advise the operator you are looking for counselling offered for the Aerotropolis landowners or mention the Independent Community Commissioner.



If you would like to contact the Commissioner, please email.


You can also contact DPIE on 


Find out more about the Commissioner by reading our Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 92 KB).

Page last updated: 08/10/2021