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NSW Department of Planning and Environment
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What’s the purpose of local housing strategies?

Good strategic planning enables councils to work with their local communities, state government agencies, and the private sector to deliver new and diverse housing in more liveable neighbourhoods.


This can include identifying opportunities for renewing local centres which provide access to transport, services and open space, and ensuring that housing and new communities in land release areas are supported by enabling infrastructure.


Local housing strategies should consider options to deliver more diverse and affordable housing, align growth with existing and future infrastructure, provide better access to jobs, services and open space, and enhance local character.


Councils are also able to identify areas that are not appropriate for significant housing growth, such as areas constrained by environmental factors or natural hazards, or with significant heritage value.


Local housing strategies can help councils to identify the infrastructure requirements and work with State Government agencies to support housing supply and diversity.


Evidence considered by councils include demographic trends, housing supply and demand, and local land-use opportunities and constraints.


Councils have also been consulting widely with their communities and other stakeholders to support preparation of their local housing strategies.


Local housing strategies will provide a clear strategic vision for housing across Greater Sydney, informing changes to each council’s Local Environment Plan (LEP) that in turn can create opportunities for new homes to be developed, including affordable and diverse housing, to meet the changing needs of their local community.


Where can I find out more?

Visit the register to see the status of your council’s strategy.


For more on what the NSW Government is doing to support the delivery of new housing.

Page last updated: 30/04/2021