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We are making sure local character and infrastructure planning directs how we plan for better connections between homes, jobs and open space close to the seven train stations between Glenfield and Macarthur.


New precinct plans will show how opportunities for people to live close to where they work can also protect local character and be consistent with plans for schools, transport and services.


The Glenfield to Macarthur corridor will be planned as a network of open space, community facilities, jobs and services.


Current and future residents will also benefit from improved public transport links and connections to neighbouring suburbs, offering vibrancy, diversity and convenience for residents.


Campbelltown–Macarthur continues to grow because it is a vibrant and attractive place to live, and provides essential services and retail options that new communities need and want.


To ensure a planned approach to the growth area, we are working with Campbelltown City Council on:

  • new urban design and local character plans around seven train station precincts from Glenfield to Macarthur to provide new homes and apartments and 21,000 jobs over the next 20 to 30 years,
  • new land release areas of Menangle Park and Mount Gilead,
  • new roads, parks, schools, sporting and community facilities and
  • an infrastructure plan to fund state infrastructure in the area.

We are working with Campbelltown City Council to coordinate land and infrastructure planning for the Greater Macarthur Growth Area.

Glenfield to Macarthur Urban Renewal Precincts

In late 2015, we consulted the community and stakeholders on the Draft Glenfield to Macarthur Urban Renewal Corridor Strategy and individual plans for each of the seven train station precincts. Following a review of submissions, we made some changes to the plans.


We have finalised the plans for six of the seven train station precincts:

Rezoning within these precincts can now occur through:

  • Planning proposals submitted by landowners to Campbelltown City Council. These proposals need to be consistent with the relevant precinct plan,
  • Council–led local environmental plan amendments, or
  • State Government–led amendments for certain precincts.

After rezoning occurs, Campbelltown City Council will be responsible for implementing the precinct plans.


A Section 117 Planning Direction will accompany the precinct plans. The Direction ensures planning proposals submitted to rezone land in the corridor are consistent with the long term vision for these precincts.

Update of the Glenfield Precinct Plan

We are updating the Precinct Plan for the Glenfield Planned Precinct following the Government’s proposal to relocate Hurlstone Agricultural High School and reconfigure the education facilities at Glenfield.


We will ask for your feedback about the revised plan in early 2018.Opportunities to learn more about the plan for Glenfield at community drop – in sessions will be advertised during the consultation period. Register your email address to receive updates about consultation activities.

Greater Macarthur Growth Area

We are finalising the Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan for the Growth Area, and will ask for your feedback on the plan in 2018. The Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan will set a proposed structure for new development based on infrastructure planning, important environmental factors (such as the protection of koalas) and design requirements to recognise and protect the character of the area.


The final plans for the Glenfield to Macarthur precincts will be incorporated into the Implementation Plan for the Greater Macarthur Growth Area to ensure a consistent and coordinated approach to planning for growth in this important area.

Updates on Previous Consultation

In 2015, we released draft plans for precincts around the seven railway stations from Glenfield to Macarthur. We also released plans for new land release areas including Mount Gilead and Menangle Park.


The following two documents summarise the feedback we gathered during consultation for these projects:

We listened to feedback from communities, agencies and industry groups, and are using this helpful information to prepare the plans for the Greater Macarthur Growth Area.