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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Greater Macarthur 2040: An Interim Plan for the Greater Macarthur Growth Area

Greater Macarthur is a Growth Area incorporating Glenfield to Macarthur urban renewal precincts and the land release precincts to the south of Campbelltown. The Department of Planning and Environment has prepared Greater Macarthur 2040: An Interim Plan for the Greater Macarthur Growth Area which sets out the strategic planning framework for the Growth Area. When finalised, Greater Macarthur 2040 will guide precinct planning within the Growth Area.

Special Infrastructure Contributions schemes, that will help fund state infrastructure to support new homes and jobs, have also been developed for the Growth Area.

Precincts - a new approach

The Minister for Planning and Public Space has recently announced a new approach to precinct planning in NSW. This will mean that the Department will continue to prepare, finalise and maintain strategic plans for the growth area.

The Department will work collaboratively with Campbelltown and Wollondilly Councils to finalise Greater Macarthur 2040 and provide support to both councils in undertaking the detailed planning and rezoning of land within the growth area.


Greater Macarthur Growth Area declaration

The Department has declared Greater Macarthur as a Growth Area. An amendment has been made to the State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) (2006) (Growth Centres SEPP) to identify the Greater Macarthur Growth Area.


The Growth Area supports the Greater Sydney Commission’s strategic vision for a Metropolis of Three Cities and the Western City District Plan. The Growth Area recognises and builds the critical role Campbelltown-Macarthur metropolitan cluster in providing jobs and services for the broader South Western Sydney area. It will also provide greater certainty about how we will work strategically to balance new jobs, housing and public spaces with important environmental protections.


A new Ministerial Direction will enable the NSW Government’s commitment to protect the South Western Sydney koala population and to align planning proposals with the vision for Greater Macarthur 2040.


The draft Greater Macarthur 2040: An Interim Plan for the Greater Macarthur Growth Area and SIC were on public exhibition from 19 November 2018 until 8 February 2019. Find out more about the community and stakeholder feedback.


Read the FAQs for more information.

Greater Macarthur 2040 aims to:

Provide new homes and local centres

We have planned for a wide range of new housing types. Apartments are proposed close to railway stations in centres including Campbelltown, Macarthur, Ingleburn and Glenfield. Medium density homes will be encouraged within walking distance of train stations and a proposed new public transport corridor across the land release precincts. Lower density houses will also be provided throughout the Growth Area.


Create local jobs

The Glenfield to Macarthur urban renewal precincts could provide an additional 21,000 jobs over the next 20 years. Jobs will be created across a range of industries including retail, food services, education, trades and industrial jobs. Many of these jobs will be created to support the local population as it grows. Another 20,000 jobs could be provided in the land release precincts and adjoining employment areas.


These jobs will reduce the need for long commutes to work, giving families more time to spend together.


Collaborative planning

A coordinated approach across Councils and NSW Government agencies is fundamental to the success of the Greater Macarthur Growth Area. The Department of Planning and Environment will work closely with Campbelltown, Camden and Wollondilly councils to manage infrastructure delivery to create vibrant places, streets, open space, and public areas, and support a streamlined planning process.


Improve transport connections

To support access for the future community, several road and intersection upgrades are planned as part of Greater Macarthur 2040. These include:

  • new east-west roads at Cambridge Ave in Glenfield, a rail crossing at Badgally Road, a link from Menangle Park to Appin Road and two additional link roads with river crossings in south Gilead and Appin
  • regional and local cycleways and pedestrian links
  • connection of the Western Sydney airport rail line to Macarthur
  • a new public transport corridor for public transport within the land release precincts; and
  • widening of key roads, including Appin Road.


Provide open spaces and parks

Land will be set aside in each precinct for quality open space for the new community. Six new playing fields will be provided within Glenfield, west of the railway line. District parks and sports facilities will be planned in Gilead and Appin to cater for new communities. Open space will be linked with communities through cycle and walking paths and safe crossing points for road and rail corridors.


Local parks will be provided in each neighbourhood so everyone will have access to open space within walking distance from their homes.


Protect the koala population

Finalisation of Greater Macarthur 2040 will be accompanied by a grant program to ensure koala friendly planning and actions are values held by the new communities of the area. A $1M grant program will fund community groups, landowners and Councils to undertake koala research and build greater community awareness.


The proposed grant funding requirements will be set out in guidelines that will identify opportunities for funding for:

  • Koala research and awareness raising activities across the Greater Macarthur and adjoining areas;
  • Dedicated koala feed tree replanting on public and private lands to restore and rebuild koala movement corridors; and
  • Improved pest and feral animal management to help reduce the risk of predation on koalas.


The Growth Area includes Cumberland Plain vegetation and is home to threatened species including the largest, disease-free koala population in Sydney. The Department is working to prepare a strategic conservation plan which will ensure that development avoids areas of high conservation value. This process will include the preparation of a Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan (CPCP).


Greater Macarthur 2040 identifies koala habitat and movement corridors that will be protected from development. Care will be taken to manage the boundary between conservation land (including koala habitats) and urban development.


The plan will align with the recommendations of the CPCP for land east of Appin Road within the koala movement corridor. Potential east west corridors will also be investigated. The CPCP will identify the proposed land title, land use, acquisition and management approach for land required to be set aside for conservation.

In late 2015, we consulted the community and stakeholders on the Draft Glenfield to Macarthur Urban Renewal Corridor Strategy and individual plans for each of the seven train station precincts.


View the submissions report.


Following a review of submissions, we made some changes to the plans. We have finalised the plans for six of the seven train station precincts:

Rezoning within these precincts can now occur through:

  • Planning proposals submitted by landowners to Campbelltown City Council. These proposals need to be consistent with the relevant precinct plan,
  • Council led local environmental plan amendments or
  • State Government led amendments for certain precincts.

After rezoning occurs, Campbelltown City Council will be responsible for implementing the precinct plans. A Section 9.1 Planning Direction accompanies the precinct plans. The Direction ensures planning proposals submitted to rezone land in the corridor are consistent with the long term vision for these precincts.

We are updating the Precinct Plan for the Glenfield Planned Precinct following the Government’s proposal to relocate Hurlstone Agricultural High School and reconfigure the education facilities at Glenfield. We will ask for your feedback about the revised.


Opportunities to learn more about the plan for Glenfield at community drop-in sessions will be advertised during the consultation period. You can sign up to receive updates about the Greater Macarthur Growth Area and future consultation activities.