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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Precincts - a new approach

The Minister for Planning and Public Space has recently announced a new approach to precinct planning in NSW. This will mean that the Department will continue to prepare, finalise and maintain strategic plans for the growth area.


The Department will periodically update the North West LUIIP to ensure that it fulfils the government commitment to balance growth with providing high quality education, recreation and housing opportunities. 


The Department will work with the relevant councils to embed density controls in precinct plans to ensure that infrastructure planning aligns with growth.

Planning for Sydney’s North West

Sydney’s North West is becoming an increasingly popular place to live. Our Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan (the Implementation Plan) outlines how we’re planning for more homes, jobs and essential services in the North West Growth Area.


We want to create vibrant, attractive and well connected communities, where people can live and work with good access to public transport, community facilities, open spaces, shops and cafes.


We consulted in 2017 on the Implementation Plan and proposed changes to legislation. Thank you to everyone who put in a submission or completed a survey.


The Department is still considering the outcome of this exhibition period.


Download the plan



Over the next ten years, 33,000 homes will be provided, and once fully developed the area will be home to around 250,000 people.

Our Implementation plan provides a framework to ensure communities have access to jobs, schools, parks, community facilities, public transport and services to meet their needs and support growth in the area.


Our objectives

Create vibrant and liveable neighbourhoods

New homes will be close to shops, schools and transport. People will also have access to nearby community facilities such as parks and cafes. Terraces, townhouses and apartments will be located close to transport and areas of employment. We will continue to work on providing more affordable housing where possible.


Provide more homes and greater housing choice

We're planning for a range of housing types at different price points, giving people more choice when it comes to owning their own home. Over 33,000 new homes will be built by 2026.


Coordinated housing and infrastructure delivery

New planning controls will ensure that the right infrastructure is available in time to meet the needs of growing communities. We will monitor development activity and demand, and work with infrastructure delivery partners to fast track infrastructure projects where necessary.


Provide local jobs

Communities will have access to local jobs, including those nearby at Marsden Park, Rouse Hill, Norwest Business Park, Blacktown and Penrith.


Improve recreation facilities

Our Implementation plan identifies more open space for growing communities. The Eastern Creek corridor will provide new open space and better green connections to homes. A green pedestrian and cycleway network will link growing suburbs to protected bushland and places for recreation.


The Open Space Audit and Social Infrastructure Assessment are presently under review by the Department. These background studies will be published once the review is completed.


Improve transport accessibility and connectivity

A transport network and major infrastructure projects such as the Sydney Metro Northwest will ensure growing communities have access to public transport options and connections to surrounding areas. The upgrade of Richmond Road and future bus connections will reduce the need for cars for local trips.


Miscellaneous amendments SEPP now finalised

Minor amendments to State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006 (Growth Centres SEPP) for a number of the precincts in the North West Growth Area have now been made.

The amendments to the Growth Centres SEPP include changing maps to ensure they are consistent with approved development applications and planning proposals. Minor text amendments have also been made. The changes affect the following appendices of the Growth Centres SEPP:  

  • Appendix 4 Alex Avenue and Riverstone Precinct Plan 2010;
  • Appendix 5 Marsden Park Industrial Precinct Plan;
  • Appendix 7 Schofields Precinct Plan; 
  • Appendix 11 The Hills Growth Centre Precincts Plan; and
  • Appendix 12 Blacktown Growth Centres Precinct Plan.

The amendments affect the precincts as shown below.


North West Growth Area Ammended Map 479x318


The amendments also include changes to the Blacktown Local Environmental Plan 2015 maps and Hawkesbury Local Environmental Plan 2012 maps so they no longer apply to Riverstone East Precinct (Stages 1 and 2) and Vineyard Precinct (Stage 1) respectively.  


Further information

For more information about the amendments affecting the North West Growth Area under the Growth Centres SEPP, please view the finalisation report.   


Watch the North West Growth Area video

This video (April, 2017) welcomes you to the North West Growth Area, located a short distance from Australia's largest transport infrastructure projects such as the Western Sydney Airport.



North West Growth Area Map


Click to enlarge.


north west growth area map 853x590


More information

Choose a location for more information about the status of planning for each of the precincts in the North West Growth Area:


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