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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Riverstone West is located in the Blacktown Local Government Area, in the North West Growth Area. The precinct is approximately 285 hectares, located west of the Richmond rail line between Riverstone and Vineyard stations and extending west to Eastern Creek.



The Department worked closely with Blacktown City Council, stakeholders and the community to take a coordinated approach to planning for more jobs, homes and essential infrastructure, to help meet community needs in the North West Growth Area.


The Riverstone West Precinct was rezoned in August 2009 as an employment area, with the capacity to provide up to 12,000 jobs. Land was predominantly zoned for industrial and light industrial uses, as well as a business park and potential intermodal terminal. Flood prone land around Eastern Creek was zoned as an environmental corridor and for open space uses. A new sub-arterial road and heavy vehicle route connecting Bandon Road in the north and Garfield Road in the south was also included.


Two sites at the northern end of the precinct are occupied by Sydney Water containing the Riverstone Wastewater Treatment Plant, and Transgrid’s electricity substation.


Precinct Planning Review

A review of the 2009 Riverstone West Precinct Plan is required. The 2009 Precinct Plan is no longer supported due to its reliance on earthworks (cut and fill) beyond the precinct boundary and due to recent investigations by the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley Flood Risk Management Directorate on flood risk and evacuation.


The purpose of this planning review is to investigate and confirm the extent of acceptable cut and fill to facilitate development of the precinct, and to address transport and access issues as a result of the existing and ultimate road network that will serve employment land in this location.


Precincts – a new approach

The Minister for Planning and Public Spaces has recently announced a new approach to precinct planning in NSW. This will mean a change of approach to planning for Riverstone West. Blacktown Council will now take the lead in reviewing and preparing the plan for Riverstone West with the support of the Department of Planning Industry and Environment.


Blacktown Council and the Department will continue to work closely together on a plan for Riverstone West in line with Council’s work program. When Council’s review is complete and recommendations endorsed by councillors, further information will be made available for community consultation.


Precinct Plan (2009)

The Riverstone West Precinct Plan was finalised in August 2009 and new planning controls were introduced. For more information please refer to the documents below.


For more information about zoning and current planning controls, please contact Blacktown City Council on 02 9839 6000.


Page last updated: 12/11/2019