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A revised draft Plan for Rhodes is now on exhibition 

Public Exhibition Extended until Thursday 28 February 2019.

The Department of Planning and Environment have received a number of requests to extend the consultation period for the Revised Draft Plan for Rhodes. The Department has decided to extend the exhibition period until Thursday 28 February 2019.


The community is invited to have their say on the draft plan for Rhodes that includes more open space, a waterfront promenade, a site for a new local school, an upgraded train station, improved pedestrian access and new jobs in the area. Rhodes will be a vibrant mixed-use community where people can live, work and play.


The draft Plan for Rhodes responds to new and updated information that has emerged since the 2017 public exhibition.


In March 2018, the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) released the Eastern City District Plan and Transport for NSW released Future Transport Strategy 2056.


The District Plan identifies Rhodes as a strategic centre and establishes new job targets. Future Transport provides more information on long term public transport projects.


The requirements for a school site are now better understood. The Plan was also amended in response to issues and ideas put by the community and industry in their submissions to the public exhibition of the previous draft Plan in 2017.


What are the community benefits of the draft Plan?

  • New, larger public open spaces and waterfront promenade at the foreshore.
  • A site for a new standalone local school for up to 1,000 students.
  • Potential upgrades to the train station to match the needs of a growing community.
  • Improved walking and cycling paths to promote an active lifestyle.
  • A new bridge across Concord Road will allow easy access to McIlwaine Park.
  • A commercial area near the station will allow for 1,200 new jobs in the future.
  • Important features of local character, including heritage items and significant trees will be protected to celebrate the area’s history and culture.  


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