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Riverwood overview

Riverwood is home to a strong and growing community, offering easy access to public transport and open space.

Riverwood Estate is close to Riverwood station, with access to jobs in the Sydney CBD and around the airport. It currently has around 1,000 social housing dwellings, private dwellings and council-owned land on more than 30 hectares. The Minister for Planning declared Riverwood a State Significant Precinct (SSP) on 5 March 2021. This means that the rezoning for the precinct will be led by the NSW Government.

What's happening now

NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) prepared a rezoning proposal for Riverwood Estate. Proposed changes to planning controls in Riverwood aim to create a vibrant and connected community with a mix of modern social and private housing, together with shops, community facilities, parks, cycleways, and open spaces.

The rezoning proposal was on exhibition from 12 August to 25 September 2022. The department is completing a final assessment of the rezoning proposal. In doing so it will consider all feedback received from the community, government agencies and councils and will carefully assess the proposal’s merits, including its compliance with policies and its alignment with broader strategies in Sydney.

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What’s happened so far

NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) has prepared a rezoning proposal for the estate. The department has undertaken an assessment of adequacy of the proposal against study requirements (PDF, 789 KB) in consultation with City of Canterbury Bankstown and Georges River councils.

The study requirements for Riverwood include preparation of a place framework to embed planning for Country and an overall design that specifically suits this site in the studies and assessment. The department has worked together with the councils to review LAHC’s proposal to ensure NSW Government priorities for revitalised social housing are delivered in line with a plan that responds appropriately to the local environment, community and economy.


What happens next

On completion of the final assessment, the rezoning is expected to be finalised in 2023.

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Riverwood timeline

Precinct status name Proposal exhibition
Completed phase
Tmeline dates August 2022
Precinct status name Response to submissions
Completed phase
Tmeline dates Late 2022
Precinct status name Finalisation
Completed phase
Tmeline dates 2023

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