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South Eveleigh Train Workshop overview

The South Eveleigh Train Workshop (heritage registered as the Large Erecting Shop) is located in the South Eveleigh precinct, on the site of the former Australian Technology Park between the Seven West Media building and the main railway line/train storage yard. The Workshop is also part of the broader Tech Central Innovation District planned to be Australia’s biggest technology and innovation hub.

The South Eveleigh precinct is 13.2 hectares and parts of the area have been progressively redeveloped and reused for retail and commercial office space over recent years.

The Workshop is part of the Eveleigh Railway Workshops Complex included on the State Heritage Register. The Workshop was completed in 1899, and was an integral part of the NSW Railway’s Eveleigh Locomotive Workshops. The Workshop was the largest, single purpose structure in the Eveleigh workshops complex and is unique in Australia as a surviving locomotive assembly shop of this scale.

The building has most recently been used to store heritage railway equipment. Transport for NSW (TfNSW) have announced plans to relocate this equipment to facilities at Chullora.

Rezoning proposal

Transport for NSW has prepared a rezoning proposal for the South Eveleigh Train Workshop (Large Erecting Shop).

The rezoning proposal aims to deliver a mixed-use development with commercial and retail uses.

The workshop’s heritage character will be protected and the building’s exterior will undergo heritage conservation upgrades. The proposal mainly affects only the interior with some minor external works also proposed.

The department is responsible for receiving submissions and assessing the rezoning proposal.

The proposal was on exhibition from 13 October to 24 November 2022.

Submissions received during exhibition are available to view on the Planning Portal. The department has prepared a Consultation Summary (PDF, 1.1 MB) to provide a high-level overview of the key issues raised in submissions. Feedback received during exhibition will be considered by the department in the assessment of the proposal.

View the proposal and submissions

This proposal seeks to integrate the workshop into the broader South Eveleigh precinct. It is the final building in the precinct to support the vision for Tech Central to become Sydney’s new innovation and technology hub.

Study requirements

The department prepared study requirements for the proposal in consultation with State agencies and the City of Sydney council.

The study requirements have guided TfNSW investigations into the proposed new planning controls for the workshop and have helped them prepare the draft planning proposal for consideration.

View the study requirements

What happens next

TfNSW will review the submissions from the exhibition and prepare a response to the issues raised for the department to consider

The department then assesses the amended proposal and once issues have been addressed, the finalisation package will be sent to the Minister for Planning and Homes to consider approving the rezoning amendments to the State Environmental Planning Policy (Precincts – Eastern Harbour City) 2021.

South Eveleigh Train Workshop timeline

Precinct status name Study requirements
Completed phase
Tmeline dates May 2022
Precinct status name Proposal preparation
Completed phase
Tmeline dates Mid 2022
Precinct status name Proposal exhibition
Completed phase
Tmeline dates 13 Oct 2022 - 24 Nov 2022
Precinct status name Proposal finalised
Completed phase
Tmeline dates Q1 2023 onwards

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