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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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St Leonards and Crows Nest 2036

With a new Sydney Metro station opening at Crows Nest in 2024 there are exciting opportunities to rejuvenate the St Leonards and Crows Nest area with new jobs, open space, infrastructure and homes, while ensuring the local character of the area is maintained and enhanced.


During consultation in early 2018 we heard that the community values the area’s village character, particularly the Willoughby Road shops, Heritage Conservation Areas, health facilities and leafy streets, and want to ensure these are emphasised in planning for the future.


Based on this feedback, the Department prepared a draft planning package for St Leonards and Crows Nest, which was on exhibition for public comment from 14 October 2018 until 8 February 2019.


The draft package of planning documents that were exhibited include:


  • Draft Local Character Statement
  • Draft 2036 Plan
  • Draft Green Plan
  • Draft Special Infrastructure Contribution
  • Draft proposed rezoning for the Crows Nest Metro station site


You can now view the submissions received on the Draft 2036 Plan, Local Character Statement and Green Plan, the Draft Special Infrastructure Contributions, and the Draft Crows Nest Sydney Metro Station Site Rezoning Proposal.


About the planning process

Below is an overview of the planning process for the St Leonards and Crows Nest area.


Exhibition of Interim Statement (August 2017) Local Character Consultation (March 2018) Exhibtion of draft planning package (October 2018-February 2019) Review submissions (current) Consultation update Finalisation Outcome
Exhibition of Interim Statement (August 2017) An Interim Statement was released for public comment Local Character Consultation (March 2018) The Department undertook local character consultation including a survey with more than 1,900 responses, meetings with local community group representatives, walking workshops and focus groups. Exhibtion of draft planning package (October 2018-February 2019) The draft planning package was available for public comment. Review submissions (current) The Department is reviewing submissions received during exhibition. Consultation update The Department will release a summary of the consultation process and feedback received. Finalisation Updates to the draft planning package will be made based on feedback received during exhibition. Outcome Areas identified for change will be implemented by Councils through changes to their Local Environment Plans.