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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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  • Preparing the plan 

    The Draft South East and Tablelands Regional Plan is underpinned by a strong evidence base. Data and evidence was gathered and analysed about population change, the regional economy, the housing and employment markets, the location of important environmental and resource areas and natural hazards.


    Background research that has informed the draft Plan can be found under resources.

  • Plan on exhibition 

    The Draft South East and Tablelands Regional Plan was on exhibition from 23 May until 23 August 2016.

    The draft plan outlines goals for the region including:

    • Sustainably manage opportunities for new homes and jobs arising from the relationship with the ACT
    • Protect and enhance the region’s natural environment
    • Strengthen the economic opportunities of the region
    • Build communities that are strong, healthy and well-connected.
  • Submission review period

    The Department received submissions from South East and Tablelands residents and other community representatives including local councils, community groups, and peak bodies. The feedback received throughout the consultation period informed the finalisation of the plan. Department staff considered the submissions, including recording and analysing the issues and examining the suggested changes to the draft plans.


    Details about the consultation process and the response to submissions are available in the South East and Tablelands Consultation Report in the "Delivering the plan" tab.

  • Plan approved

    The South East and Tablelands Regional Plan 2036 is a 20-year blueprint for the future.
    The NSW Government’s vision for the South East and Tablelands Region is: A borderless region in Australia’s most geographically diverse natural environment with the nation’s capital at its heart.  
    To achieve this vision the Government has set four goals for the region:

    • A connected and prosperous economy
    • A diverse environment interconnected by biodiversity corridors
    • Healthy and connected communities
    • Environmentally sustainable housing choices.


    View South East and Tablelands Regional Plan