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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic Park Master Plan 2030 (2018 Review)

A blueprint to guide the future growth and sustainable development of a world-class sporting and event precinct, surrounded by more than 430 hectares of parklands.


The review of the Sydney Olympic Park Master Plan 2030 identifies opportunities to transform the precinct into a thriving urban centre with a new school, five additional or enhanced parks, employment opportunities, residential communities and retail.


Ideally located in the centre of metropolitan Sydney, Sydney Olympic Park is known internationally as a world-class sporting and event precinct. Sydney Olympic Park is also a highly suitable location to plan for new jobs, homes and services, and bring life to the destination after hours.


The revised Master Plan proposes an additional 2,500 jobs in Sydney Olympic Park for a total of 34,000.


Several significant announcements in the past year relate to the Master Plan and future growth of Sydney Olympic Park, including the:

  • proposed Parramatta Light Rail connection between Sydney Olympic Park and Parramatta
  • investigation of a new Sydney West Metro to connect Sydney Olympic Park with the Sydney CBD and Parramatta CBD.


The revised Master Plan is supported by an amendment to the State Environmental Planning Policy (State Significant Precincts) 2005. The amendments to the SEPP give effect to the revised Master Plan and include:

  • Amends planning controls including buildings heights and floor space ratios
  • Incorporates an intensive urban development clause which requires satisfactory arrangements to be made for the provision of designated State public infrastructure
  • Amends the design excellence clause to allow a consent authority to award an additional 10% of floor space for developments that demonstrate design excellence
  • Includes the Olympic Cauldron as a heritage item
  • Makes a number of administrative amendments including updating place names and amending definitions to incorporate the latest versions of relevant documents


Creating a vibrant town centre

Sydney Olympic Park will be transformed into a thriving urban centre with employment, residential and retail on its doorstep.

The objectives and vision for Sydney Olympic Park Master Plan 2030 seek to protect the Park’s role as a premier destination for cultural, entertainment, recreation and sporting events, while protecting and enhancing the public spaces and surrounding parklands.

We will continue to work with the Sydney Olympic Park Authority and other key agencies such as Roads and Maritime Services, Transport for NSW and the Department of Education to ensure a coordinated approach to planning for this precinct.


The Department of Education has confirmed a high school is currently being investigated in Sydney Olympic Park. The Department of Education and SOPA are assessing a number of site options for the new school.


The revised Master Plan will continue to:

  • Protect the precinct's role as Sydney's premier destination for cultural, entertainment, recreation and sporting events
  • Ensure the precinct continues to evolve into an active, vibrant town centre within metropolitan Sydney
  • Protect and enhance the public domain and the Parklands
  • Outline infrastructure requirements
  • Provide detailed planning/design principles for future development
  • Contribute to the Park's quality of built environment, sustainability, future character and cultural significance.


Five-Year Review

The State Environmental Planning Policy (State Significant Precincts) 2005 requires Sydney Olympic Park Authority to review the Master Plan every five years.


The review was informed by:

  • The Greater Sydney Region Plan which identifies the Olympic Peninsula as a major new development area within the Greater Parramatta Growth Area
  • The Central City District Plan
  • The Future Transport Strategy 2056 and State Infrastructure Strategy 2018-2038
  • A desire for a wider range of land uses within Sydney Olympic Park, and for residential development
  • Development of Wentworth Point and review of master plan for the Carter Street Precinct
  • Improved access from Hill Road off ramp and the proposed Parramatta Light Rail
  • Consultation with local councils, state agencies, key stakeholders and the local community.

Page last updated: 15/10/2019