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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Infrastructure improves our quality of life, making our cities and regions better places to live. It also promotes economic growth by allowing the movement of people, resources and ideas.


Roads, electricity and water allow new communities and homes to be built. Schools, parks and libraries build communities and emergency services and hospitals help us to feel safe. Ports and telecommunications help our economy to grow.


This is why the Department is actively involved in the planning and funding of infrastructure across the state. We do this through:

  • the implementation of consistent and easy to follow planning principles and development standards through the use of State Environmental Planning Policies (also known as SEPPs)
  • the preparation of guidelines on specific types of infrastructure to help guide developers through the assessment and development process
  • strategic planning for infrastructure to meet the demand from growth through the preparation of growth plans for both Sydney metropolitan (Greater Sydney Region) and regional areas
  • the assessment of development proposals for state significant infrastructure and
  • involvement in the funding systems associated with infrastructure provision, especially through the development contributions system.


Page last updated: 26/04/2018